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How Many Jewels Are In A Rolex?

How Many Jewels Are In A Rolex?

Rolex watches typically have between 31 and 52 jewels, depending on the specific model and movement used in the watch. The jewels in a Rolex watch are typically synthetic rubies or sapphires used as bearings in the mechanical action of the eye.

Jewels are used in watches to reduce friction and wear on the moving parts of the movement. By placing synthetic jewels at key points in the movement, such as the balance wheel or the escapement, Rolex can reduce the amount of wear and tear on these critical components, which can help improve the watch’s accuracy and longevity.

It can vary depending on the complexity of the movement and the number of functions it includes. Simple three-hand movements may have as few as 31 jewels, while more complex chronograph or perpetual calendar movements may have up to 52 jewels.

The number of jewels in a Rolex watch does not necessarily indicate its quality or accuracy but rather a reflection of the complexity of its movement and the specific engineering choices made by Rolex’s designers and engineers.