Ring Sizing

Wedding & Engagement Ring Sizing Wichita

We do ring sizing and resizing for men, women and children for wedding rings and all other types of rings, in any kind of metal. The skill and experience of the jeweler should make a difference in your decision of where to go. High quality work keeps the metal in excellent condition, retains more material and knows with 100% accuracy the perfect comfortable fit.

How Long Does It Take To Resize A Ring?

Ring resizing ‘usually’ takes about 10 minutes, in some cases it may take longer if there is intricate detail. We can let you know right on the spot, our shop is located right off Rock Rd on the east side of Wichita.

Does Ring Resizing Reduce The Strength Of The Metal?

Generally no for just 1-2 sizes. Naturally if a ring needs to be resized to be maybe 3 or more sizes, it may be weaker simply because there is not as much metal holding it together. Some ring shops won’t resize a ring more than 2 sizes, it depends on the skill of the jeweller.