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What Shape Diamonds Sparkle The Most?

The shape of a diamond that sparkles the most is the round brilliant-cut diamond. Round brilliant-cut diamonds are specifically designed to maximize their brilliance and sparkle. They are the most popular and well-known diamond shapes for engagement rings and other jewelry precisely because of their exceptional ability to reflect and refract light.

Some reasons why round brilliant-cut diamonds sparkle the most:

Symmetry & Proportions

Round diamonds are cut with precise proportions and a specific number of facets (58 or 57, including the culet). These facets are strategically arranged to optimize the diamond’s ability to capture and reflect light.

Ideal Light Performance

Round diamonds are known for their excellent light performance, which includes high levels of brilliance (white light reflection) and fire (colorful light dispersion). This combination creates a stunning play of light and color.

Consistency in Cut

The standardized round brilliant cut provides consistency in cut quality across different diamonds. Jewelers and gemologists can easily assess and compare the cut of round diamonds, ensuring high-quality standards.


Due to their popularity, round diamonds are widely available, and many skilled diamond cutters specialize in creating round brilliant-cut diamonds with outstanding optical characteristics.

While round brilliant-cut diamonds are known for their superior sparkle, other diamond shapes can also be chosen for their unique qualities and aesthetics. Princess, cushion, oval, and pear-shaped diamonds, for example, offer their own distinct beauty and charm. Each shape has its own appeal and can be selected to match the wearer’s taste and the design of the jewelry.