Gemstone Dealer, Wichita, KS

Gemstones don’t just look amazing, many of them have special meanings and histories. At Sparkle Jewelry, in Wichita, we stock all of the most popular gemstones including genuine and imitation stones. You can find your favorite gemstone, your birthstone, pearls and more at affordable prices. Our gemstones are available as loose stones and can be ordered by size, cut, and type.

We have all the best deals on exotic rubies, sapphires, tanzanites and more. These eye-catching treasures are perfect for custom jewelry, rings, and accessories. Need your gemstones at a lower price? We also have imitation and lab-grown gemstones to fit any budget.

Available Types of Gemstones Include:

  • Calibrated Faceted
  • Calibrated Cabochon
  • Moissanite

Specialty Stones, Pearls & Birthstones

Do you make your own jewelry and need specialty cut gemstones or pearls? We can create a variety of specialty stones and beads to fit your needs. We also have a large selection of beautiful specialty beads and stones on hand. Gemstone parcels are also available for custom jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

Need loose birthstones? We also stock all birthstones available as loose gemstones. You can choose the type, size, and quantity that you prefer.

You can shop our inventory of gemstones by shape, color, gemstone, and even brand name, or visit our shop in Wichita. Click here to view our gemstone inventory online. 

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