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A wedding ring lets people know that you are married.  Even taking the ring off after wearing it for a long time still leaves an indention or sunspot.

In Ancient Egypt, where wedding rings were supposedly first started, they used hemp or reeds as rings. The reason why weddings are worn on the left hand and left from second finger is because the Ancient Egyptians believe there was a special vein in this hand that went straight to the heart.

In more traditional areas of the world, the absence of the ring was a clear sign that someone is single.

The Kind Of Rings We Provide

  • Custom
  • Unique
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Titanium

We also do diamond remounting and ring sizing with 100% accuracy.

From The Owner – Voted 2 Years Best In Wichita

“I love helping people find the right type of watch, wedding ring or jewelry set to match their personality, goals and dreams. I don’t just ‘sell jewelry’, for me this is a lifestyle choice. I actually do what I love for a living.” – Tim Bulloch, Owner

We Specialize In Amazing Wedding & Engagement Rings

Specialized in high end jewelry design, Tim Bulloch has been in the Jewelry industry for over 10 years, he first started working as a watch repair specialist and fell in love with the whole jewelry industry, finally deciding to open his own shop in 2016 off of Rock Rd in Wichita and since has won 2 awards for best jewelry shop in Wichita.

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