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How Do You Reset an Heirloom Ring?

There’s no easy answer to how you go about resetting an heirloom ring. Heirloom rings can hold a lot of sentimental value but may not fit your style, making you less likely to want to wear it. But, rather than selling or replacing the ring, you may want to consider resetting it. That way you can keep the sentimental value while making the necessary adjustments so the ring fits your style.

There are different ways to reset an heirloom ring. For one, you may just want to keep the heirloom stone and have it set in a new ring. You can do this by choosing a new band and having the jewelry place the heirloom stone in the new ring. Alternatively, you could also have the metal from the original ring melted down and reshaped – essentially just redesigning the heirloom ring without replacing any parts.

Also, don’t be afraid to get a little creative. If the stone doesn’t fit the shape of setting that you prefer, a talented jeweler can likely find a way to still set the stone. For instance, placing a round-shaped stone into a square setting.

Repurposing An Heirloom Ring

If you already have a ring that you prefer to wear over wearing the heirloom ring but still want to have it with you. There are ways to repurpose the heirloom ring so you can still wear it in other ways. For instance, you could have the heirloom stone set in a necklace (and even use the original metal to create the setting). Or, perhaps you’d rather have it placed in a custom bracelet or another type of jewelry.

If you aren’t fond of the heirloom ring, or don’t like the heirloom stone as a ring’s stone, there are other jewelry options you could repurpose it into. This would allow you to keep the sentiment of the original piece while adjusting the style to fit your preferences.