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What Happens To Engagement Ring After Wedding?

What Happens To Engagement Ring After Wedding?

The engagement ring is typically worn alongside the wedding ring on the left-hand ring finger after the wedding. Some people choose to wear the engagement ring on the right hand or stop wearing it altogether.

It is traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand until the wedding ceremony. It is then moved to the same finger on the right hand. This is because the wedding band is placed on the left-hand ring finger during the ceremony, and wearing two rings on the same finger is considered bad luck.

After the wedding, some people choose to continue wearing the engagement ring and the band on separate fingers, while others may choose to wear just the band daily. The engagement ring may be worn on special occasions or put away for safekeeping.

What happens to the engagement ring after the wedding is up to the individual couple and their preferences. Some couples may have the engagement ring re-purposed or reset it into a different piece of jewelry. In contrast, others may keep it as a sentimental reminder of their engagement and the early days of their relationship.